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Jio Phone Whatsapp Download

In this article we shared information how to download Whatsapp for Jio phone online. JIO Phone is India’s first cheapest Smartphone which enabled with 4G connectivity support and is only reasonable. JIO Phone is only a feature phone and it is not a completely Android phone. Now Online Jio phone 2 price booking started from 15th August, 2018.

Whatsapp for Jio Phone

It was launched in the month of August and online booking for the JIO Phone was also started in the same month. Customers got so excited and booked their JIO Phones and after waiting for so long they started receiving their product via home delivery by the end of the month September. Customers were facing many issues and there are a lot many people who don’t know how to use the JIO phone and how to use or install Jio whatsapp. When people buy Jio phone they was in some confusion like Jio phone whatsapp support or not, in Jio phone facebook is available and so on. JIO offered 4G internet for free for customers as welcome offer and now they offering Rs. 150 recharge of validity for 1 month in which unlimited local and std calling and 500 MB 4G Data per day is included.

JIO Phone is working on new operating system named as KAI OS. KAIOS is made by the JAVA language because whatsApp version is much more compatible for android, iOS, and blackberry, windows phone and in addition recently whatsapp is supported only for android. JIO Phone likely to get WhatsApp with beta version which is not officially launched by makers of WhatsApp.

How To Use WhatsApp On JIO Phone

If people feel like to use whatsApp on JIO phone for that, they need to change operating system of JIO Phone manually and indeed it is a exceptionally hard- hitting task to do and there is another way as well to do so like just go to then you need to scan barcode from your mobile phone to some extent use android phone and login your account in that handset then click on the web site on JIO phone then you necessitate again to open from android phone simply scan to that code and you will be  automatically redirected to the chat page of WhatsApp and your WhatsApp will set up which was actually logged out after your phone connection is gone astray. And if you want to bring this app into play for long instant then you require to open both whatsapp at the same time and as well as you can use previously existing android phone of your family member in which you be capable of installing clone version of whats app which you can log in double watsapp in your phone.

A bunch of populace are using Jio phone that was launched by the Reliance Company. It is measured as one of the cheapest cost smartphones as up till now and along with that it has several features and functions which you are proficient to check on our site. A lot of users are using Jio phone with a bundle of enthusiasm but the users are not so pleased for the reason that they are unable to use WhatsApp feature upon this handset, Jio phone watsApp is not feasible. The features that are offered by the handset and the price that is on hand for the customers makes everyone astonished. In a little while after that demo, the queries are super higher. From the numerous, the normal query raised by the majority is about Whatsapp- the application very most will use on an unvarying base 24/7.

Step By Step Download WhatsApp In JIO Phone

You can see we shared detail information how to download whatsapp for Jio phone step by step.

  1. The very first step is to open the internet browser in Jio mobile phone to look for the link “web browser ling.”
  2. Then in second step click on the first site that you perceive in the browser and open it.
  3. In this web site, select the browser like opera, chrome, Firefox but do not decide on Internet Browser.
  4. Then, subsequent to selecting the internet browser, seek out the link.
  5. You can view QR Code for Whatsapp when you open the link which is utilized to act upon Whatsapp on the internet page.
  6. This code will come into view in the move put on view you can focus out at the same time as using the ‘1’ key and for zoom used key ‘2’.
  7. The definitive step is to look at this code from the phone in which you are using Whatsapp.
  8. As a final point, the full format of Whatsapp will come into view in your Jio phone and you can use Whatsapp each and every function there.

How to Download Whatsapp in kaIOS LYF Mobile

whatsapp is the great video calling and communicating app all around the world. Every android phone uses this app to communicate the whatsapp users across the world. This app has a great response but unfortunately jio phone has no such type of whatsapp service in the phone. This is we are come up with the beautiful step by step process of how to make available whatsapp in your JIO Smartphone.  The process is too short and sweet that every jio phone users would love to follow.

  • Open google or any web browser in LYF jio phone.
  • Enter in the search bar.
  • Here you will be displayed a QR
  • If it is not visible zoom the QR code with 3 number of keypad.
  • Now scan the QR code and you are able to open and use whatsapp in your phone.

As soon as Reliance Jio phone is launched from first day people are buying Reliance jio phone blindly for its free voice calling, video calling, messaging and for its unlimited data pack services. If you are using the older version of whatsapp in jio phone install the latest version of whatsapp in jio phone. Please follow the above mentioned method and enjoy using whatsapp service from your jio phone.

Can We Use WhatsApp For JIO Phone At No Cost?

Indeed, you are able to use whatsapp for JIo phone and download via some tricks. It is important to bring this to your knowledge that there is no Whatsapp for Jio phone download although the exciting news is that it’s doable to use Whatsapp for Jio phone. This trick is actually authentic and in addition it is 100% working and this is previously tested by expert’s team and reveals that the user may use Whatsapp for Jio phone download without having any issue without jio phone WhatsApp download. This is enormously a remarkable scam to use Whatsapp feature on your Jio phone without call for an app. This trick is unidentified to many users and in addition they even don’t have anticipation to use Whatsapp feature on the Jio phone. You have to keep the track of all the instructions step by step so that you cannot face any predicament at the same time of using Whatsapp in your Jio mobile phone.

Download WhatsApp For JIO Phone with Support

As indicated by the well- timed information, we’ve, Jio phone 4G India Ka SmartPhone is actually not well- matched to use WhatsApp software. This may disappoint a lot of users but apart from Whatsapp, it has lots of other features like Jio apps, it works with Fb, PM Man Ki Baat etc all. But lacking WhatsApp is still they require to number it out why. Yet they may perhaps be inward with Jio chat apps to aid their intrinsic apps in the close by future to put yourself forward with WhatsApp, well it’s from top to bottom a dissimilar story now. In order per at the moment, it was definite that Jio Phone 4G will be launched devoid of Whatsapp.

The Reliance Jio Phone 4g launched with enormous features like Facebook and whatsapp for Jio phone, that are not seen on feature phones in the marketplace at near to the ground worth. Although, it cannot be denied that Jio Phone missed out on a noteworthy feature WhatsApp. Previously, reports were in a line of attack that Jio Phone will not take account of prop up for WhatsApp, which perhaps substandard thing about Reliance Jio mobile phone, making an allowance for the piece of information that indescribable thousands of Reliance jio phone users in India in addition yearn for WhatsApp download for Jio phone for the reason that one and all uses it to connect with their family unit members as well as friends.

Jio Phone users are increasing and people are blindly buying it for making free voice calls, video calls and voice messages in no cost. Jio phone offers free internet service in a very minimal cost. But one question arises when jio users are excluded from whatsapp services. But now jio users can use whatsapp in Jio phone 1500 through one simple process. Into this article we are going to mention the very beautiful guideline for how to download whatsapp in jio phone. Below is the process please scroll your mouse down here.

Jio is in discussions with WhatsApp to set up, a made to order edition of the messaging system. Jio, WhatsApp as one seems that it is likely to set up an up- to- the- minute toned losing edition of WhatsApp for Jio Phone 4G. Also you can know how to remove ads from Android app at our website.

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