RE1000 Range Extender Manual

Cascading of routers is now possible with RE1000 range extender. RE1000 router is used as an access point to connect 2 routers to each other. This is most probably used to convert the existing wired network into wireless network. But keep in mind this is a mediator, it is not used as a wireless repeater. You can extend the range of wireless by using this manual RE1000 MY wifi extender. Here we will show you the method of how to connect the E1000 router to existing router and connect two routers each other without using any wired cable.
For example you have a wireless router called WRT54G. Suppose you want to connect E1000 router to the router connected into your modem. We will start the process by checking IP address of the router. Almost all the models of Linksys have default ip address Now time is connect the cable between the router and to the internet port of E1000 router.

Now we will show you how you can set up Linksys Router without CD or any software.
First you need to do is to change the IP address of E1000 router to disable the DHCP server. Now connect it to the existing router to the E1000 router. This way WRT54G router will access the IP address to all the devices and with this E1000 will act like a switch.

What is Linksys

Linksys is wifi router that comes with various types of models for the home network. Linksys is come with one default IP address 192.168.1. This works as a router to accompany 4 to 5 computers at one time. Linksys range extender is used to extend the range of home network. Linksys is a smart solution to optimize, Monitor and manage your home network. You can use the Linksys wifi using a secure login account. So if you are using home computer you can extend your network to other android devices through using Linksys router. E1000 is one of the Linksys models to connect two routers to each other.
So here is the information regarding how to set up Linksys with E1000 range extender. Hope you get it all and use this range extender to extend wired network into wireless network.

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