Top 5 Furniture Ecommerce Portal in India

furniture portal

India is a red-hot market for an eCommerce segment. Indian users are turning toward online portal as they offer flexible payment options and guarantee. With more  and more portals offering security about the money, Indian consumer’s mindset is changing. Previously, they were more skeptic about buying anything online due to false mentality and fear of possible fraud. Flipkart, Amazon and eBay sort of portals have made it possible. However, when it comes to buying certain things like furniture, Indian consumers are still unsure about it. Questions like timely delivery, quality of products, money back guarantee etc are still affecting their mindset. Perhaps, this is the reason why this industry is yet to grow fully. You should take a look at to know all the leading players in a furniture industry. For now, we are presenting top 5 furniture eCommerce portals in India.

furniture portal

Best Furniture Online Portals

Let’s take a look at some of the top furniture portals in India.


Fabfurnish has been around for a quite some time. It is one of the most reliable and famous portals at the moment. The best part about them is that they keep offering discounts every now and then. It has a highest number of SKUs in stock and it is one of the most diversified portals. You can find almost anything from office furniture to expensive/ luxurious home furniture. With the competitive price tag, it has become one of the most famous portal among Indians. It is highly recommended and trusted online brand.


Pepperyfry is yet another portal where you can find almost everything related to the furniture. It has widest range of furniture available. Moreover, it is catering from over 200+ cities in India making sure that you get your furniture in the shortest possible time. They also have a good refund and guarantee policy to ensure you get what is promised. It also has a huge number of foreign and Indian brands in its kitty.


Urbanladder is more known for its high end furniture range. Compared to other portals, it has a costlier collection up in its sleeves. Apart from home/ office furniture, it has also has tons of home/office decor items to choose from. It has a wide range of collection available. Moreover, it has tie-ups with bigger brands to ensure you get quality furniture and decor items at an affordable price. Of course, you would find more high end or costly products there.


Stitchwood is more or less a customized furniture store. You’d get a custom furniture from various brands. Moreover, you are also allowed to upload the pictures of your dream furniture and they will try to get such furniture for you if possible. As a recent startup it has drawn the attention of many and it could change the furniture industry in India. It is definitely a must visit portal if you want to get ideas about the office/home designer furniture ideas. They also offer bulk furniture in case if you are an agency or need more products at a reasonable price.


CustomFurnish is yet another customized furniture online portal. However, they are  more into interior decoration. If you have a home and want to entire set of custom furniture then customfurnish is probably the best choice. Let us warn you that this is not one of the cheapest option available. Of course, you should visit it to get some ideas about the furniture and home decor items. They offer free delivery and free installation service as well which makes them more reliable compared to other portal.

Which is your favorite online furniture portal? Do you often buy your furniture online or still prefer to buy from local shop?

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