Get passport in a Week by giving Just 4 Documents

Passports are coming out to be huge in numbers! More as the population of the country increasing and more as the people are making their way out to go abroad; the Ministry of External Affairs is also trying to make the procedure faster. As a matter of fact the reports show up that there are almost 50000 people who are coming out to make their passports together. So if you are willing to make it count then it is the time for you to open up with your new passport. The procedure of passport is coming down to be very short and ultimately there is a lot of lesser time being taken. Just after the launch of the news that the Police verification will take place after 8 days of the interview; the Ministry of External Affairs introduces a new scheme to help the people. If you want to Know passport status by SMS check its official website.


passport online form

In other words, when everyone is taking the options of getting the passports quicker, the new option of granting the get passport with just 4 document turns out to be the much needed one! As a matter of fact there are a lot of more people who are going to take a new scheme to get the option done. So if anyone is just there to apply for a new passport, he needs to bring up some of the documents which are as follows:

According to the Annexure-I the affidavit which you are supposed to bring must consider the fact that you are not related to any criminal records in the past as well as clearing your family details as well as a declaration of citizenship!

However it will just take 8 days for the police verification to get completed and then if you are lucky enough, you may get the verification cleared. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the Passports will be issued immediately just after the verification procedure is completed!

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